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Getting the HPV vaccine for men in Pattaya? Gardasil 9


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I am currently looking into getting the HPV vaccine for men, specifically Gardasil 9. 

I understand it’s not ideal for someone who has already been sexuality active for a number of years, but I am hoping it will provide me with some protection for my older years. 

I am noticing a trend of males dying from certain types of cancer, throat cancer, testicular cancer and skin cancer among guys in Bangkok and Pattaya. 

My understanding is that Gardasil 9 also can protect for me passing on a HPV causing cancer to any future girlfriends / wives.

I am currently at the stage of researching prices at The Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Hospital and a few other local hospitals. 

It certainly isn’t cheap, 20k+ 

Has anyone else here got the HPV vaccine for similar reasons? Where did you get it and how was the experience?

Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.

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