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2021 & 2022 Top Award Winners Thai888 Law Company

thai888 law

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Over 10 years in the Pattaya area with 3 offices in the View Talay 5 D building for a complete one stop service from Last / Living Wills, probate, all legal issues, contracts for buy and sell, Land Office due diligence, accounting, tax, International issues.

People seeking legal advice that cannot fly into Thailand can use our services and we can act for you.

Our prices are appropriate and we are well known in the ExPats World.

more information here www.thai888.com  

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Now is the best time to get your affairs in order. I have many clients in their 80s that are still hanging on to investments in this very shaky economic World. I urge you to think about these as many have their savings in tax shelters like Guernsey or Sheffield or Isles of Man and although this is not investment advice these places are easy to park you money however try getting it out, particularly now that there are bank collapses all around the World.

Perhaps you should consider internet bank and allow access to these accounts in case something happens to you or you forget your access. This may save big headaches later on.

And while we are here how about a Will Testament to secure you assets and who gets what?

Thai888 Law are professionals in Wills, Probate, Inheritance, and all the legal stuff in between. Now is not the time to put things off as the World is in a mess and if your money and assets are off shore then you need professional assistance now and after. [email protected]

English speaking staff.Thai888 Law & Abroad Funeral Services Company Thailand

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As we approach the year 2024, it's evident that many individuals continue to encounter challenges in managing their assets and planning for the future. While we are not financial advisors, taking the time to document your assets and contacts in your Last Will and Testament can provide valuable insights for your future plans.

It's crucial to recognize that residing in a foreign country involves navigating its distinct rules, regulations, and laws. By creating a Will, those who outlive you can gain clarity on your final wishes, identify key contacts, and determine who will assume responsibility for handling various aspects of your passing, including coordination with hospitals, law enforcement, morgues, embassies, and family members.

Avoid adopting a self-centered perspective that dismisses the importance of planning ahead by proclaiming, "It's someone else's problem after I'm gone." Such an attitude is not only unhelpful but also demonstrates a lack of consideration for those left behind. Taking the time to plan ensures a more compassionate and organized transition, alleviating the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time.

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