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Looking for a good divorce lawyer in Pattaya

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I'm currently about to go through a divorce in Pattaya and feeling overwhelmed by the legal process. Can anyone recommend a reliable divorce lawyer who can guide me through the process and help me achieve the best possible outcome for myself and my kids as their well-being is my top priority.

I'm looking for a divorce lawyer who can help me navigate the legal aspects of child custody and support. It's important to me that my children's needs are considered and protected throughout the divorce process. If anyone has had experience with a divorce lawyer who has a track record of putting children first, please let me know

I want to make sure I can afford to hire a good lawyer who can represent me effectively without breaking the bank. Any advice on negotiating fees or finding a lawyer who is willing to work with me on a payment plan would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time with the divorce, It's really tough finding a good lawyer in Pattaya that will protect the foreigner over the local girl, especially when you need one that's good with international stuff and speaks English well.

Make sure you ask them how much they'll cost upfront before they start charging as I have herd some horror stories and if they have any payment plans.

Hope you find someone awesome to help you out.

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