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Regency for Expats Health Insurance Reviews / Claims?

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Does anyone here have any experience with health insurance claims from regency for expats insurance ?

The broker i am using recommends them and the price is good, but I have read some things about them online that make me feel a little uneasy, especially getting into my older age.

Also the research I did came up with that regency for expats used to be called principle assurance that rebranded to regency and the regency for expats headquarters is now registered in Nevis which makes me feel a little uneasy incase of any disputes happening.

I am keen to hear of anyones first hand experience of regency for expats who have made claims successfully for medical care in Bangkok.


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If you are American, be sure that whatever insurance plan you choose is HIPAA compliant. This means that if you (or any children, even ones who are born here) develop a medical condition, when you go back to the states, an insurance company is legally obligated to accept you and cover that condition.

Otherwise, if you develop something (knee injury that will often need work, diabetes) or if your child is born with a health condition, and you go back to the states, you might find that no one will accept you/your children (depending on the seriousness of the health condition) or will exclude that condition as a pre-existing condition.

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I know nothing about insurance or insurers or the reams and reams of bullsh!t that justify the outrageous costs. Anyway, my renewal is coming up. World coverage, no dental, $500 deductible for $3497. This is a goddam 27% increase from last year. Is this normal?

I’m tempted to go a year without. Just to thumb my nose at the universe.

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