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Is Pattaya Dangerous? What are the Dangers in Pattaya?


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I often get asked by friends back home about if Pattaya is dangerous and what are the dangers in Pattaya?

I will post some things that I think make Pattaya dangerous or safer than back home in western countries, please comment....

The roads are dangerous, driving a motorcycle, driving or being a passenger, or crossing the road or simply just standing nearby or walking along the road is more dangerous in Pattaya than in most western countries.

Driving a motorcycle is one of the biggest dangers that tourists and expats fall foul of, especially those who don't have riding experience and don't wear helmets, I see carnage every week or month here in Pattaya and Phuket.

Water sports are dangerous, swimming in the sea, riding jet skis, speed boats, canoeing, wakeboarding, scuba diving. Perhaps these water sports are dangerous in all countries, but in Thailand deaths are common.

Buildings / Infrastructure can be dangerous in Thailand / Pattaya, it is not uncommon for people to fall on unmaintained sidewalks or be injured inside buildings due to poor safety regulations or maintenance. Death by electric shock or falling objects is more common in Thailand / Pattaya than other countries.

Risk of diseases, poisoning and infections is higher in Thailand / Pattaya than in other western countries, there have been a number of cases whereby expats have died from tropical diseases, poisoning from toxic fumes or chemicals or losing limbs from minor infections that later become very serious.

Foreigners are often targeted with scams and fraud, which aren't usually a physical danger but certainly a financial danger and can turn violent. Something as small as being overcharged by a taxi driver or restaurant can turn violent if confronted. 

The night life scene in most countries comes with its own dangers, in Thailand and Pattaya in most cases violence can be avoided. But altercations and fights in nightlife areas can end up with very serious injuries or death. 

I will continue to think of dangerous in Pattaya and also what makes Pattaya safer than some other expat / tourist destinations.

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