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Best Hospitals in Bangkok or Pattaya for Expats?


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I am looking for some feedback on what fellow expats consider the best hospitals in Bangkok for expats ? Both expats with and without insurance.

I think it’s fair to say generally the Bumrungrad hospital is the best hospital for expats in Bangkok who are covered with health insurance or have the cash to pay the hospital bills.

Are there any good hospitals for expats in Bangkok even Pattaya that perhaps dont have the best health insurance coverage?

I have been told that the Vichaiyuth Hospital is a very good local Thai hospital that has English speaking staff and the costs are very reasonable.

“Founded in 1969 and has grown and expanded over the years into a full fledged international caliber hospital of 23 storeys and 350 inpatient beds. There are more than 200 specialists and nearly 1200 staff at the hospital. “

Does anyone have any experience with the other major hospitals in Bangkok or Pattaya ?

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Bumrungrad hospital is the best hospital for expats if you are really new to the city, otherwise you might want to try Bangkok Hospital or Samitivej Hospital for slightly cheaper prices.

Vichaiyuth is a very good local hospital but generally caters for Thai people rather than expats. 

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Pattaya has a range of hospitals and medical facilities that offer high-quality medical care for expats. Some of the best hospitals in Pattaya include the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, which is a large private hospital that offers a range of medical services and international-standard facilities, and the Pattaya International Hospital, which is known for its specialist services and state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, there are several dental clinics and cosmetic surgery centers in Pattaya that cater to the needs of expats.

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