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Looking for a health insurance in Thailand

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It’s all fine and dandy until you have a serious medical issue and you go to the hospital to get treatment. I have BUPA Thailand provided by my employer. I had severely herniated discs that required surgery.

I was hospitalized for a week to get physical therapy 2x/day. My bill was 85,000 after 7 days. BUPA Thailand said “You must pay yourself first because we need to investigate if your condition is pre-existing.”

I told them I had never had this problem before. Their answer was “It can take up to 90 days for our investigation.”

I had to cough up 85,000 and get my ass home despite still being in pain because I couldn’t afford to stay another day.

End result: They found no evidence of pre-existing condition. They didn’t even notify me. I had to call to ask what was up with the investigation.

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Be Careful of Expat Health Insurance, Especially Cigna. I am a lawyer who has sued, successfully, many insurance companies.

I know what games they play with coverage. When I purchased my coverage with Cigna, I asked some very specific and important questions of the salesperson.

He made certain clear promises. When I got the 100 page policy, I checked to see if he was truthful. He was not. These were major problems. When I e-mailed him and said that his statements contradicted the 100 page policy that no one can read, he replied “:we expect everyone to read the policy.” I did not cancel right away.

But I have had problem after problem with them.

Six months ago I repeatedly called an e-mailed them to cancel my policy.

They are still deducting premiums from my bank account, even though I verbally and in writing, on multiple occasions, revoked their authority to do this.

Their insurance is more or less worthless to me.

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I am looking for some recommendations on health insurance providers, specifically those that cater to expats. I am currently considering purchasing health insurance from a local expats group, but I am also curious to hear from anyone who has experience with Thai health insurers, particularly AXA. While I am hesitant to buy from a Thai company, I have found that other well-known international insurers such as BUPA are charging exorbitant premiums of $800 per month, which is not something I can afford without sacrificing my lifestyle.

If you have any experience with Thai health insurance providers or AXA in particular, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Please feel free to message me privately if necessary, as I am aware of the potential legal consequences that can come with criticizing Thai companies. Thank you for your help in advance!

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