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The build quality of new condos in Pattaya is terrible


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I have recently relocated to Pattaya and started looking for a condo both to rent and also with the possibility for investment, I have viewed over 50 condos in the past 24 months and can say that it is a consistant trend that the newer the condo the worse the build quality is.

Some of the condos that are only 5 years old have huge cracks in the walls, in every wall of the condo. 

The older buildings look more solid but people still seem overly keen on the new builds? What will happen in 50 years time when these condo buildings are beyond repair? Will they ever get knocked down? Fall down? 

I dont mind renting the new condo but would never invest in one, so I am learning towards one of the older buildings that seem to be built more solidly. 

Has anyone here had any experience good or bad with the build quality of new or older condos?

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