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Filing US Expat Taxes with Turbotax in Thailand ?


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I am finally attempting to file my taxes. I work for an international school in Thailand. So I signed up for Turbo Tax, but am having difficulty with the employer ID (not very far into the process). Their ID is too long so it doesn’t fit in the box.

I have only one source of income

No dependants

Pay student loans

Earned approx 30,500 USD in 2019.

If someone can please give a recommendation on the best way to file, that would be greatly appreciated!


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I’ve done turbo tax years ago, also abroad (I still am but no longer use it)… I don’t ever remember putting in an employer ID? I doubt the school in Thailand is in any database the IRS has? I do remember them having a great online forum there so you’d prob get better luck there than here…

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